We are a new kind of agency led by a combined experience of over 30 years. Our management team have worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands.

Our core team pride themselves on being creative, analytical, supportive and forward thinking which sets us apart from other agencies.

We’re motivated by your business performance, NOT our ego.

Our work is produced from insight, developed without channel prejudice and delivered, appropriately for every channel.

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Team Q&A

Q: Why have you picked the team you’ve got?

We’ve got four main qualities here that we use when choosing collaborators for This Is union. Emma and I always ask each other these questions when looking at candidates: Will the rest of the team love them? Will they put the time and effort in? Do they take themselves too seriously? Will they LOVE the job?

Q: What makes This Is Union different to other creative agencies out there? (Aside from the name!)

“We work collaboratively, so whatever we design or create considers target market, business objectives, and how it will be communicated, this approach saves time and customers money in the long run! We also have a hell of a lot of experience under one roof, and it’s experience from working with household brands. We may be small but we are highly charged!”

Q: What makes a great office playlist?

“I think the key is variety, you can’t have the same songs playing every day. That said, my personal playlist is definitely the best and arguably* an exception to the rule – everyone loves my tunes.”

*arguably in this instance meaning the rest of the office wholeheartedly disagrees.

Q: What is This Is Union to you?

“Collaboration is all about balance. As a creative agency This Is Union strive for the perfect mix of team members, each offering unique skills and experience… the perfect mix of clients – as much as our clients choose us, we also choose who we work with – we like to push the boundaries with our concepts and creativity, and clients with vision and ambition really make for a winning combination… and the perfect mix of hard work and relaxation – a burnt out designer/developer/social media guru is no good to anyone!”

Q: What is it like working at This Is Union?

“The ‘work hard, play hard’ essence is like nothing I’ve experienced before. Prior to This Is Union, I used to work in a large financial services organisation (a slight contrast in culture) and the atmosphere here is exactly what I was hoping for when entering agency-side marketing. I’m surrounded by enthusiastic, fun and dynamic minded people that are genuinely hungry and passionate about results. The coffee is nice too.”

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of your job on a daily basis?

“The most challenging part of working at This Is Union is resisting the urge to get involved with all the awesome creative projects going on outside of my job jurisdiction! Luckily, everyone here values and encourages each others’ input and critique.”

Q: How important is it in your role to work closely with other team members?

It’s a cliché, but there really is no ‘I’ in team – I rely on the creative team to come up with amazing concepts, developers to assist with integrating campaigns through client websites, the management team to keep things running smoothly and of course the other account executives with whom I’ll regularly meet to discuss the accounts and bounce ideas around

Q: As the office guard-dog, what do you think about This Is Union?

“Just throw the ball.”