Integrated Campaigns

"Marketing is a contest to get people's attention." - Seth Godin 

If marketing is a simple contest for people's attention, then why are you only trying to get their attention in one place? Using an Integrated Campaign pulls together multiple marketing channels such as; content, email, direct mail, display advertising & social media (to name a few) to push a consistent message to your target audience. It's like the grand old saying, two heads are better than one, right? 


Thankfully, here at This Is Union, we have the ability to not only pull together your Creative Design & Brand Strategy all from under one roof, but we can also help you build a campaign that integrates different marketing channels that will benefit your brand message. We'll assess your strategy and brand goals to select the channels that we believe will be of most value to you and, more importantly, your audience. We'll then go ahead and help you to create & implement a campaign that can run across several different channels, enabling you to reach more of your targeted audience on a more consistent basis. 


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