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Who are we?

Meet our small but perfectly formed team of experts, specialists and all round superheroes.

Scott Jenkins Managing & Creative Director

"I'm the creative director This Is Union deserves and needs right now."

Born into the marketing arena longer ago that he would care to admit, Scott set up THIS IS UNION to offer something different, something brilliant and most importantly, something better! A wearer of multiple hats in the office and out of it, Scott could be illustrating, designing or detailing the extravagant meal he has planned for the evening - it's a lottery.

Emma Jenkins Managing & Client Services Director

"Marketing strategies are catnip to a Client Services Director like me."

Emma is a highly respected marketing strategist with a career spanning nearly 20 years. She has worked with household brands such as Next, George at ASDA, LCFC, JLR, Searcys and the NEC Group. Her expertise in brand strategy, product development, shoot management and brand overhauls has delivered tangible results for many clients. 

Specialities: advertising, brand management, brand identity, communication management, market planning, marketing, events, project management, social media strategy and content creation, strategic development and planning.

Tom Helme Senior Designer, Photographer & Developer

"Breaking the fourth wall is my least impressive superpower"

Tom is a master of many trades, having worked across the design, print & photography industry for over 15 years. An experienced designer of everything from branding & business cards, to websites, to 150+ page brochures, Tom brings both creative flair and an analytical mind to all client projects.

Adam Bates Web Developer & Design

"Not a billionaire, nor playboy, nor paticularly philanthropic - but sometimes a genius"

Adam is responsible for the majority of the sites This Is Union builds. Qualified, experienced, and fluent in the many languages of the web - our chicken baguette-eating code whisperer strikes a balance between a creative eye and a technical brain.

Tom Addis Account Exec & SEO Specialist

"Wakanda...This Is Union Forever!"

What do Social Media and Search Engines have in common? Tom Addis, that's what. An expert in assessing your business' ranking on the socials and Googles alike, Tom utlilises his marketing expertise to ensure his strategies are #nextlevel. Not to mention his coffee-making skills should be the envy of Worcester.

Dominic Zaman Artworker / Illustrator

"Why did I have to be Ant-man? What are you trying to say?"

There's a saying in the office, "give a Dom a fish and he'll probably eat it, but give a Dom a pen and he'll do some really good drawings of a fish." Okay, that was a lie, no-one in the office has ever said that, but the point is that Dom is an expert illustrator who can bring ideas to life on the digital and print canvas.