Adam Bates, Web Developer


A day in the life of... Adam

Despite holding the title of 'newest collaborator' for less than a month, thanks to the addition of Social Media Guru Chris, Adam is still a relative Union newbie. You wouldn't know it, though, as he's taken to his Junior Web Developer job like a bearded duck to water; developing several websites for clients within his first couple of months. We're still adapting to his music taste though...

Adam's timely arrival has coincided with a number of exciting new website projects, coming from clients all over the world with varying requirements. Whether our clients ask for a dynamic web experience, a website design refresh, or are looking to embrace e-commerce; Adam has bought into the Union ethos of grabbing every project by the horns. By joining our ranks, Adam has also seemingly enabled our Head of Development, Tom, to take two holidays in a single month!

With all that said, Adam has taken time out of his busy schedule to detail a typical Union workday:

6:30 AM: "I woke up earlier than usual with the intention of getting into the office early. The web dev team has an important meeting with one of our clients at 9:30 and I want to ensure the prototype version of their new website is ready and raring to go for our demonstration.”

6:50 AM: "It wouldn't be breakfast without a tasty bowl of cereal. Luckily for me, I'm one of those people who can eat whatever they like with seemingly no consequences with regards to gaining weight - so its a particular high-sugar, high-everything chocolate cereal for me this morning.”

7:25 AM: "Time to get the bus into town. It's a fairly short ride but I manage to get some pre-planning done with regards to what I will be working on when I get in. "

7:45 AM: "I'm the second to arrive at the office, the first being main man Scott "I always get here really early" Jenkins. First call of order is to refresh myself on today's schedule which is laid out for me on Float, the project scheduling software we use. Very busy day ahead with work planned across three different projects. First up: final testing of the prototype website we have designed and developed for Comlux, an international aviation group based in Switzerland."

9:10 AM: "With the website thoroughly tested, myself, Tom and Scott have a quick WIP (Work In Progress) Meeting to ensure we are all aware of what has been completed and prepared for the upcoming Skype meeting."

9:30 AM: "We have our Skype meeting with the client. It's the first time the client has seen the website for 'real' (as in, a working collection of pages rather than design flats) so we expect the client to request some minor tweaks in their feedback. Overall the client is very happy with the prototype which is always nice to hear, time to celebrate with some double chocolate chip cookies!"

12:00 PM: "Having made the small design changes for the Comlux site, it's time for dinner, or rather its time for me to aimlessly wonder around Worcester lamenting the recent closing of my favourite baguette shop. Unlike the rest of the Union squad, I'm a very fussy eater so finding somewhere in town I can consistently go to is a challenge. Eventually I settle on what can only be described as a metaphor for my overall taste in food - a 'Just Chicken, no Mayo' sandwich from Tesco. Some might think 'boring, plain and pointless' but I prefer to think 'simple, tasty, and safe'. I like safe."

1:00 PM: "Back to work, and now I'm working on a website we are building for a business slightly closer to home - Malvern Timber Framed Buildings, based in Worcestershire. Being able to jump into different projects on the fly without any challenges is a testament to the organisational structure we have here."

3:00 PM: "Having worked on the outdoor building website for the past two hours I now really want my own outdoor studio. One day, studio, one day I shall have you. Now its on to the testing of a site Tom is in the process of building - we always make sure our websites are tested by at least two other members of the team, usually the whole team."

3:45 PM: "Home time for me, earlier than usual due to the earlier start.”

4:00 PM: "Not time to switch off from web development just yet - I'm going into my final year at Worcester University soon so it's time to draft up some more ideas for my final year project. I have so many ideas its hard to choose! Do I go for something way too ambitious but more exciting, or less demanding yet more practical? The pondering continues."

5:00 PM: "Time for some well-earned game time before my girlfriend gets home from work. Its a race to cram in as much Football Manager as I can before I have to start cooking tea."

5:30 PM: "Things aren't going well on Football Manager, there's talk in the press of me getting sacked - time to turn it off. I'll think over a new formation while preparing our pork chops."

6:30 PM: "Out of the kitchen, into the 'workshop' - otherwise known as our second bedroom room - where all my girlfriend's up-cycled furniture is stored. I'm tasked with continuing the development of her website while she sets about restoring an old dressing table."

10:00 PM: "Day done, time for sleep bar a little bit of reading as we've both recently got back into reading books. Very tired, tomorrow I will be getting in at my usual time of 9am - I like sleep."

Fancy contributing to Adam's ever-growing queue of websites he has to build? Get in touch via or call us on 01905 780890.

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