Schmoo Skincare

Founders Fiona & Matt Otley came to us in early 2018 in need of rejuvenating their brand. As they had some of the best smelling skincare products we have ever smelt, who were we to say no?! We took the time to sit down with Fiona & Matt and help them to discover where it was they wanted to be and how we were going to work to get there. 

Firstly, a new look website was much needed to get their online image right. So, we created a clean, effective & bespoke website that accomodates for their skincare products, spas & professional elements to their business, not to mention a creative blog that reveals news, updates & how to use your favourite products. 

Secondly, to continue with their presence growth, we created a key Social Media Strategy the utlises multiple platforms. Within these highlighted platforms, we also source, connect with & manage influencers on Instagram to spread Schmoo's reach to a relevant audience in a more organic way. 

Finally, we tie all of this together by designing Schmoo's print for their retail brochures, retail bags & product cards (to name few) and source print that fits their organic & natuarl philosphy. 

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