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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

"The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of the Google results." 

SEO is probably the simplest, yet the most complex element of digital marketing. Understanding how to work with the Google algorithms to increase your page ranking is a long & iterative process, but one that can have unrivalled effects on your businesses success. Luckily, here at This Is Union we have a process that can put you on the right path to page 1, but remember, this isn't an overnight job! 


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We've split our SEO strategy into three elements; Technical Services, Creative Content & Promotion. 



  • Google takes far more into account when ranking your website than you could ever care to imagine. The ability to fulfil Google's algorithms is so much more than using keywords. Having a technically capable website & positive user experience also contribute to the success of your page ranking. Google crawls your site and looks for technical aspects that work quickly & efficiently and are safe & secure for the user. We can audit your current website & make recommendations from a technical aspect to make sure your website isn't underperforming & costing you page 1 status. 


  • Content is a crucial part to your SEO ranking & if it's not relevant, your site simply won't rank. We can review your current content and make suggestions on how to improve your current keyword selection & distribution across each page to improve your performance. We can then also support you in the creation of new content that is built upon your SEO strategy to continue your websites growth & performance. 


  • Great technical services & creative content are only part of the way to a successful SEO campaign. Making sure your site builds authority is also key to climbing the Google rankings. By forming a positive link building strategy that will help to put your brand and website in front of a relevant audience, your site will begin to build a positive authority and therefore rank higher in Google. 

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